Dhuey Insurance writes classic autos and also offers ATV, Watercraft, RV, Flood, Jewelry, and Life Insurance.

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Many people do not realize that their landlords insurance does not cover their personal possession in the event of a loss. If you are currently renting, you should strongly consider purchasing an affordable renters policy. Most people are also surprised how relatively inexpensive a renters policy is. 


Our auto insurance programs are designed to offer our customers a quality product that is competitively priced. The Dhuey Insurance Agency is always prepared to provide sound advice, fast and friendly service, as well as prompt assistance with any claim

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Umbrella Insurance is important because some lawsuits are so large they require extra protection. In the past, only the wealthy needed umbrella coverage; however, those were the days before large lawsuits were so prevalent. Now, one mistake can be financial disaster. To learn how an Umbrella can protect you, contact us today. 


We can customize any business or farm insurance program to suit a business of any size. Dhuey Insurance provides competitive markets and coverage including Property, General Liability, Automobile, Workers Comp, and Umbrellas. 


Your home is one of your biggest investments so it makes sense to protect it with the best insurance coverage available. The Dhuey Insurance Agency will provide you with a combination of high quality coverage, superior customer service, and the comfort of knowing that should you have a claim, we will be here to help. 

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Keep in mind, if you are unsure of the necessary coverage for your posession, do not be afraid to ask!